Saturday Events

Make the Melrose Trail Festival a complete weekend away in Melrose.  Round off your weekend by taking part in a Saturday workshop.

 Sunday Trail Races

Both events take place on Sunday 18th August.  Choose from a short-course or a trail marathon event.  The trail marathon includes bus transfers. Both events include a free mug of our famous vegan-friendly minestrone or our hearty beef stew.


This year we have some great sponsors on-board with us. We carefully select our sponsors to ensure that they deliver the quality and attention to detail that we believe makes them standout from the pack. We genuinely believe that you will be happy with the products delivered by our sponsors. Please visit their websites below to see for yourself.

UK Gear

The world’s first running shoe built to survive 1,000 miles, originally designed in association with the Royal Army Physical Training Corp.


Running gear designed by ultra-runners.

T8 stand-out from the pack by coming up with some creative solutions.  Check out their chafe-free premium underwear and their unique running shorts with plenty of pocket space.

Sketchy Runner

Logo design by Jordan Bang from Sketchy Runner.

Check out Jordan’s fantastic artwork on his website, including the awesome adult’s coloring book!