Introducing Sea to Summit 2019

Written by Quinten

May 25, 2019

You’ve climbed the Mount – been there, done that!

You run trails regularly, and you are comfortable navigating out in the bush.

You run hills every now and then.

You are capable of running a marathon with limited aid stations.

You enjoy suffering.

Now it’s time for your toughest trail marathon test!

The Sea to Summit is one of the toughest trail marathons you will ever do. Over the course of 42km, the climbs become more intense, with some sections that might have you wondering if you need to use your hands.

Around 1,400 metres of elevation gain and a tough steep descent will leave your quads begging for a reprieve.

But never fear – when you reach Melrose you get to relax around our campfire with a mug of hot vegan-friendly minestrone or hearty beef stew and give those battered legs a much needed break.

The Sea to Summit starts at the waters of the Spencer Gulf. You may have a few hundred metres of extra running to do as the start line will depend on what the tide is doing.  Yes, you may also start this event with wet feet if you aren’t careful!

As you head east from the Spencer Gulf, you will hit Mambray Creek, where you start your ascent and begin to officially run up and over the Southern Flinders Ranges.  Keep an eye out for plenty of kangaroos and a handful of emus, whilst running through native pine and eucalpyt forests to the tunes of a variety of native birds. 

As tough as this run is, it is also a great opportunity to get back to nature and live in the moment.

I’m really thankful that the In the Flinders crew provided us with the opportunity to have such a memorable experience.

The event was bigger in many ways than I expected, steeper hills, more wildlife, more varying and beautiful landscapes and terrain.

While I was out there for a lot less time than other competitors, it was still a big day out.

Many of us are after new and challenging experiences, and this ticked the box for me.

– John Csongei, 2018 Sea To Summit Winner (Men)

The Sea to Summit is the big brother to our King of the Mount race.  Both races start around the same time on the same day, though Sea to Summit runners have been up earlier than most as they catch our bus at 6am to travel to the start line.

This Sea To Summit trail marathon is our special run designed for experienced runners.  With limited aid stations and some long stretches by yourself, you can treat this race as a tune up for an ultra-marathon event, or as its own challenge outright.

Seats are limited as access to the start line is on private property and relies on seats on a chartered bus.  There are no race-day registrations for Sea to Summit, so make sure you get in early to ensure that you don’t miss out!

2019 Sea TO SUmmit

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