Introducing King of the Mount 2019

Written by Quinten

May 24, 2019

How times have changed.  The King of the Mount started over 30 years ago as a community organised fundraiser for the local sports complex.  It quickly became an iconic race to the summit of Mt Remarkable, though back then the trail was harder and women weren’t allowed to compete in the full event as it was thought to be too difficult for them!  In its heyday it attracted close to 2000 people to the community on the event day.  Once enough money was raised, volunteer support dried up and the event came to a halt.

In 2017 we took decided to bring back a re-imagined King of the Mount event.  We made use of newer trails, and made the event completable by anyone, young or old. We also committed ourselves to improving the event every subsequent year.

In 2018 we made the King of the Mount distance longer and we added the longer distance Sea to Summit race to run in conjunction with the King of the Mount.

In 2019 we are rebranding the race weekend to better represent the race events, and introducing some Saturday activities to round out the weekend. Experience a variety of family friendly fun and engaging activities, including yoga classes, afternoon entertainment, a fun run and some self-guided rambling  around Mt Remarkable.

We’d love for you to take visit Melrose for a weekend getaway, and get your fill of outdoor activities around this beautifully scenic region.

“I loved the scenery and camping in Melrose the night before the race – dad had booked a cabin, but my friend Olivia and I stayed in our tent which was really cosy.

It was Olivia’s first trail race so we were both nervous, but everyone was so nice and friendly that the nerves disappeared. The hot soup on the summit was amazing, but the best thing was my beautiful trophy, thank you all so much!”

– Matilda Miller, 2017 Princess

The King of the Mount 15km race is now a permanent event on the trail race calendars, and we welcome all walkers and runners to challenge themselves to completing a summit of Mt Remarkable.  We have made the cut-off times generous enough to cater for people of all fitness levels, and offer plenty of support along the way.

Three staffed aid stations enroute will offer you water, food and encouragement as you make your ascent and descent. We also have two dedicated trails that we use, ensuring that there is no congestion between participants.

And if completing the challenging summit over Mt Remarkable isn’t enough, we have some seriously cool medallions for you to collect, as well as a delicious mug of our famous vegan-friendly minestrone soup and our hearty beef stew.  Warm up around our cosy campfire with your hot mug of soup and cheer the rest of the competitors in.

We love participation and encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.  We can’t wait to see you there in 2019.  We don’t take race-day registrations, so reserve your spot now to ensure that complete your goal!

King of the Mount 2019

“What an amazing event in an alluring, beautiful part of the country. Most people would agree that this trail up to the summit of Mt Remarkable from Melrose in the Southern Flinders Ranges is one of the most stunning, albeit, challenging trails to run in the state.

The way up is an unrelenting climb with minimal levelling out which makes it a challenge for even the super competitive, yet picturesque enough with gorgeous sweeping panoramic views of the Flinders and beyond to tempt any adventure seeker.”

– Angelo Fazzalari, 2018 King

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